Channel Nine Headquarters

Channel Nine Headquarters

Channel Nine’s relocation to Perth’s CBD underpinned a desire to centralise their operations hub with greater exposure to their viewership.

COX worked closely with Primewest and Channel Nine to provide an urban solution, new campus environment and new visual gateway at the apex of St Georges Terrace.

The project amalgamates three lots together with enclosed pedestrian bridges enabling uninterrupted flow between existing office buildings and a new studio broadcasting pavilion which is the centrepiece of the development.

Anchoring the campus is a series of folding ground planes bounding a stepped amphitheatre which functions as a corporate event space.

Sheathed in a lightweight perforated veil, the studio pavilion marks a highly visible gesture for the campus and Channel Nine’s new identity within Perth CBD’s corporate landscape.


Integral to Channel Nine’s brief was the ability for studio broadcasting in an inner city setting.

The concept was to tie existing buildings at 255 and 267 St Georges Terrace with a new studio pavilion at 253 St Georges Terrace resulting in a transformational campus environment that improves collaboration and provides maximum exposure for the brand.

The aim was to create a continuous flow of circulation around and through the site promoting activation of the street edge.


Sheathed in a lightweight perforated veil, the studio pavilion marks a highly visible gesture for the campus.

Symbolic of a stage curtain, the veil animates with light and shadow during the day and becoming a lit beacon at night.

Existing buildings form a backdrop to the pavilion highlighting Channel Nine’s new placement in the CBD corporate landscape.

Exterior landscaping rejuvenates lot 253’s existing urban park into an active corporate event space


The amalgamation and refurbishment of three different lots connected together with enclosed pedestrian bridges enables uninterrupted flow between existing program.

The simplicity of the main studio volume and preservation of existing floor plates allowed the client maximum flexibility for fitout.

Anchoring the campus is a series of folding ground planes bounding a stepped amphitheatre which functions as an event space activating adjacent retail.


The project aimed to retain as much of the existing services and basement structure as possible lending towards a lightweight engineered solution for both built form and landscaping.

Builder and consultant feedback was crucial for an outcome that was sensitive yet reinvigorating.


Extensive collaboration between Primewest and Channel 9 enabled the new built work to primarily occur on Lot 253 defining the identity of the entire campus. This maximised the value of the surrounding Lots 255 and 267 which anchored off it.


Repurposing existing building stock on Lots 255 and 267 along with existing waffle slabs on Lot 253 provided an efficient foundation for the project and minimised wastage.

In order to comply with structural loading, landscaping was to be kept minimal employing void fillers in areas to reduce soil volume.

The pavilion curtain veil provides shading to the primary access pathways and broadcasting room to satisfy daylight light requirements.


The studio and amphitheatre provide an event stage setting celebrating the corporate identity of Channel Nine with in the heart of the CBD.

Locating the studio pavilion at the rear of Lot 253 provided maximum frontage for landscaping opportunities.

The veil announces the building, aproning the purity of the studio form, while the picture window addressing St Georges Terrace, engages public connection to the life of the studio.

Project Details

Project size – 2,469 m2
Project Budget – $5,400,000
Completion date – 2016

Project Team



COX is a design-focused contemporary architectural practice with studios located in every major Australian city and a history spanning 60 years.

Key to their ethos is supporting the public life of our cities. Cox does this by ensuring each project makes positive contributions to its public realm – giving more than it takes.


Alison Paine

Alison Paine is a professional architecture photographer and graphic designer who worked for large Perth architectural practice Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland Architects for fifteen years.

Her last eight years there was in the capacity of Graphic Design Manager and in-house photographer.

Then in 2011, Alison established Alison Grace Photography where she specializes in architecture and interiors, working for some of Australia’s leading architects and designers.

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Channel Nine Headquarters
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Channel Nine Headquarters
COX provided an urban solution, new campus environment, and new visual gateway at the apex of St Georges Terrace for Channel 9.
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